G3 and it’s partners leverage multiple terrestrial and wireless technologies, and employ a long term cohesive strategy to implement these platforms for all aspects of Smart City development, public safety, security and surveillance, robotics (UGV/UAV), energy/resource management and maintenance, artificial intelligence and SD-WAN communications.

For organizations with a mobile or remote workforce, reliable connectivity over the first- and last-mile is often critical for collaboration, communication, and productivity. But relying on a single network connection can leave organizations vulnerable in network congestion or fringe coverage areas.

Unlike traditional failover or link aggregation solutions, Grace3 simultaneously blends together multiple wired and wireless IP connections from multiple providers to form a virtual Grace3‘s network of networks’ that’s optimized for speed and reliability.

Connectivity you can count on

Dejero’s ability to deliver reliable connectivity is made possible by our patented and patent-pending Smart Blending Technology, which intelligently manages the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual connections in real-time—choosing the optimal path to route individual IP packets to their destination.

Network Reliability

Blending different network technologies from multiple providers delivers greater reliability with connection diversity. If a connection is lost or becomes congested, we reroute packets in real-time to keep you reliably connected.

Network Coverage

In more remote locations or while mobile, connectivity options may be limited. By aggregating provider services into a single Dejero network, you have a greater coverage area than what a single provider can deliver alone.

Network Bandwidth

By continuously measuring each connection in real-time, we dynamically distribute packets across the multiple connections, allowing organizations to leverage the combined bandwidth potential for greater overall capacity.

Complete solutions to save you time

Our solutions include equipment featuring our Smart Blending Technology, connectivity services that simplify the procurement and management of data from multiple providers, and access to Dejero’s virtual ‘network of networks’—to provide the uptime and bandwidth critical to the success of today’s organizations. Everything is managed in the cloud and backed by our industry-leading support.

Reliability and simplicity by design

Our video transport and general-purpose connectivity products are built to be rugged and reliable in order to survive the remote and mobile environments where our customers operate. The user experience is designed for simplicity and ease of use, and regular software updates are remotely implemented to continuously provide new features and performance enhancements.

Connectivity services for your convenience

Managing multiple network providers and data plans can be complicated and time-consuming. Grace3 has cultivated strong relationships with global cellular carriers and has partnered with Intelsat to provide dedicated satellite capacity. Network diversity enhances reliability, coverage, and bandwidth capacity to deliver the best service anywhere.

We take care of acquiring and provisioning enterprise-grade SIMs, managing activations, and providing flexible data plans. You receive one monthly bill from Grace3 instead of managing separate bills from each network provider.

Support you can count on

At Grace3, we understand that time is critical. That’s why we offer 24/7 access to our technical experts by phone or email. Our team provides prompt, skilled, and friendly assistance with product configuration, software maintenance and updates, troubleshooting, and emergency technical assistance.

Leading organizations trust Dejero

Leading organizations rely on Dejero to send and receive mission-critical live video and data around the globe.


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