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Field Connectivity in a 5G World

About this webinar:

Everybody’s excited about the much anticipated arrival of 5G; as the fifth generation of cellular network technology, it promises to transform the role played by telecommunications technology in society.

Anticipated use cases include virtual and augmented reality, remote surgery, and the Internet of Things - all very impressive, very novel examples. But what about the already existing use cases and industries - how will the initial 5G deployments better enable these familiar landscapes?

In this webinar, Todd Schneider, Dejero CTO, explores 5G technology and how it will impact you and your industry - whether it’s Broadcast and Media, Public Safety, Transit, or Enterprise.

We’ll discuss:

  • Current Landscape - What are our current capabilities, and how does it compare with what 5G has to offer

  • Promises of 5G - What new features are set to be introduced with the induction of 5G, and how does it compare with past mobile generations

  • Rollout Realities - Separating the hype from the realities of 5G

  • How to Make the Most of 5G - How will 5G technology be applicable to your industry, and how can you make the most of it with Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology

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