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Experts in mission-critical communications technology

From case studies to webinars and so much more, Grace3 regularly shares content to help you stay up-to-date with the latest in network blending, mesh networking, edge connectivity, video transmission, and other approaches to mission-critical communications.

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How Cloud Adoption is Revolutionizing


The adoption of cloud solutions is disrupting the way emergency communication centres connect with citizens and responders for the better. Join industry experts as they discuss the roll-out of NG9-1-1 initiatives, and how adopting the cloud into emergency communication infrastructure provides the mission-critical reliability that is needed in the public safety sphere.

Budge Currier - Communications Branch Manager, California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services
John “Sammy” Samuelson - VP of Commercial Operations, RapidDeploy
Bogdan Frusina - Founder, Dejero

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Next-level innovation for remote production and post-production

Don’t let physical distance and poor connectivity disrupt your creative process. Learn how these industry innovators are changing the remote production game.

“Share a terabyte of video by lunchtime.” That’s the aspiration of Brandon Cooper, President of First Mile Technologies. Cooper,  alongside Brian Gallagher — President of Pitch 5 Productions — joined us on a panel discussing their passion for transforming the status quo in production and post-production collaboration workflows.  Both shared examples of how they leveraged the power of multiple network connections and Dejero technology to create efficiencies on set to ensure high-quality production—unaffected by challenges caused by physical distance or poor network connectivity.

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Resilient Connectivity for First Responders

Uptime is critical. Learn how Dejero's network aggregation devices, more powerful than failover technology, are the solution to keep your mobile command posts and vehicles reliably connected. We'll be joined by Kevin Cresswell, industry expert, who will share his experiences using the Dejero GateWay and how it has impacted connectivity in the field providing enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth.



New features to enhance your remote contribution workflow

Join Andy Clipsham to learn about the latest features of Dejero’s transmitters and receivers to support your remote contribution needs. We'll explore key use cases and workflows to support broadcasting from home and the advantages our solutions deliver.

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Helping broadcasters go live from home: what you need to know to enhance your workflow

Social distancing has disrupted the way broadcasters keep the public informed. Join Yvonne Monterroso to learn about the solutions we offer and how to use them most effectively. We’ll also share some examples of how broadcasters have implemented new workflows so they can continue to deliver critical communication in this unprecedented time.

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How low-latency return video can improve live remote contribution for broadcasters

Broadcasters rely on field production teams to contribute captivating live news stories, interviews, and weather updates from remote locations. To produce high-quality live content, field teams and central production teams need to be in constant, precisely-timed synchronization so that on-air talent and camera operators can make real-time adjustments during the broadcast.

Tune in to learn about Dejero CuePoint return feed servers and the value of providing live return video to the field. We also outline its many applications.

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Can You Teach an Old Truck New Tricks? 3 Ways to Reimagine Your News Van

On a panel moderated by esteemed tech journalist Hannah Shellswell, our founder Bogdan Frusina, alongside Accelerated Media Technologies President Tom Jennings and broadcast industry veteran Jim Casabella, reimagine broadcast vehicles using Dejero technology to enable sophisticated, autonomous mobile control rooms and production studios.

The four discuss new purposes news trucks are serving, how cellular connectivity is transforming traditional broadcast vehicles, and the massive shift towards remote workflows.

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A Masterclass in Dejero Control: Part 2

Our first masterclass in Dejero Control webinar session just touched the surface, and there’s many more topics and features to explore that will help you further master your skills. Join Daniel Skoog in our second webinar installment of “A masterclass in Dejero Control” to learn about organizing your dashboard, managing return video and Dejero Control users, exploring metadata capabilities, and using the Find A Provider and Find An Expert features.

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A Masterclass in Dejero Control

Are you maximizing the capabilities of Dejero’s cloud management system? Join Dejero Control product manager, Daniel Skoog, as we walk through some key features and how-to tips that will help you save time navigating devices and creating custom reports and notifications.

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Connectivity & Communication Solutions for Emergency Response Management

A healthcare crisis can easily overrun a medical system’s capacity. Acting fast to address the demand for emergency care from healthcare providers requires highly reliable communications that are quick and easy to deploy. Learn how you can optimize your organization’s existing network and bandwidth capabilities for agile and reliable responses to both critical and business as usual scenarios.

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Field Connectivity in a 5G World

For Dejero, 5G is simply a new ingredient in our blending recipe, aggregating existing 3G/4G cellular networks, satellite, Wi-Fi, and broadband connections. With Smart Blending Technology, we are embracing the transition as 5G, LTE, GEO satellites, and emerging connectivity options come online. Todd Schneider, Dejero CTO explores 5G technology, key industry applications, and rollout realities.

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