Rockin' Romania: How Holokid broke bariers for holographic technology over a 5G network

Picture this: You are at a rock concert, watching four guitarists, a drummer, a keyboardist on a stage performance in perfect sync. The sounds, the visuals, the experience, it's flawless. You might have been fooled, because only three of four guitarists are actually standing there in from of you. Come again?


Field Connectivity in a 5G World

For Dejero, 5G is simply a new ingredient in our blending recipe, joining 4G, satellite, Wi-Fi, and broadband connections. With Smart Blending Technology, we are embracing the transition as 5G, LTE, GEO satellites, and emerging connectivity options come online. This resource provides an overview of 5G technology, key industry applications, and rollout realities.


Introducing EnGo 260

We talked about what the hype is all about in this 25-minute webinar! The new EnGo 260 is 30% lighter, has an 85% larger screen, and offers a variety of user-friendly upgrades to our already well-loved EnGo that keeps you reliably connected almost anywhere.


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