UAS Situational Awareness

Increasingly, public safety agencies are deploying or expanding UAS programs so teams can respond quickly and effectively. Obtaining situational awareness is key to keeping responders out of harm’s way.

But when your operations rely on a single connection or failover solution, network outages and congestion can leave you in the dark.

Imagine the effectiveness if drone operators could stay reliably connected—leveraging multiple networks simultaneously—to send high-quality video in real-time to mobile and central command and other teams in the field?

Mission-Critical Mobile Video Transport & Reliable Connectivity

Dejero provides broadcast-quality video solutions that work seamlessly with UAS solutions. The increased reliability from connection diversity enables responders to make informed decisions that save time, resources, and most importantly, lives.

Solution Components

GateWay 200 Series


Ruggedized networking appliance for reliable connectivity in vehicles.

GateWay M Series


Rack-mounted networking appliance for reliable connectivity in vehicles or REMI carts.

Superior to a failover solution, Dejero delivers always-on connectivity so first responders can focus on the challenge in front of them


Reliable and resilient blended connectivity to transmit video in congested and remote locations


Easy to use, install, connect to external antennas, and configure

Improved Situational Awareness

Real-time data from in-vehicle applications and remote devices

Data-Driven Decision Making

Interoperability enables data-driven decision making and faster response times


VPN support and dynamic routing of packets over multiple connections

Manage Anywhere

Cloud-based Dejero Control for remote management and reporting

Enhance your UAS program with real-time video and blended connectivity for improved situational awareness

Share actionable intelligence with real-time video from field officers while in challenging network conditions

Reliably send real-time video from drones and lidar devices to assess and plan incident response

Manage large gatherings like parades, protests, and sporting events with real-time data and live video from multiple vantage points

Customer Stories

Bavarian Police Meet Security Challenges with Broadcast-Quality Live Video

Dejero Technology Aids Public Safety Control of Over 11,000 People on Canada Day

Rajant and Dejero Public Safety Demo Turns into Real-life Mission During California Wildfire

Ready to enhance your UAS program with real-time video transport and upgrade your failover connectivity solution?

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