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We help public transit and transportation operators prepare for a return to normalcy with fast and reliable connectivity for their bus, rail, and vehicle fleets. Now is the perfect time to think ahead, turning downtime into an opportunity to enhance your mission-critical communications capabilities and ensure the long-term safety and satisfaction of your ridership.

From fleet connectivity systems to real-time video transmission, we help you overcome vehicle connectivity challenges. Our centralized management system improves operational efficiency and ensures the safety of your team members and the public.

Use Cases for Transit

Fleet Connectivity

Conduct safe and convenient inspections with high quality real-time video

Keep your fleet connected with one source of highly-reliable connectivity. We provide a single, cost-effective connectivity platform that unifies on-board systems such as passenger infotainment and Wi-Fi, to payment systems, fleet management, and telematics.

We help streamline and prioritize data transmission and improve operational performance with cloud-based monitoring and management.

Real-time Video

Provide security for passengers and operators with video monitoring

Improve the safety and security of passengers and operators with real-time video monitoring at a central location, allowing faster response to incidents.

Our technology delivers the reliable connectivity needed while in motion and at transit hubs.

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