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Smart Blending Technology

In this increasingly networked world, delivering reliable connectivity is mission-critical. We’re committed to doing our part by helping to build a safer and more inclusive society.With approaches like Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology, Grace3 offers clients the capability to simultaneously aggregate multiple IP connections, forming a “network of networks” that delivers reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity when and where you need it.


A single connection is not enough

For many organizations, staying connected is extremely important and often mission critical. Having only one connection path leaves organizations vulnerable to having insufficient bandwidth to carry out key tasks, or in the worst case, downtime.

Unlike traditional failover or link aggregation solutions, we simultaneously blends together multiple wired (broadband, fiber) and wireless (3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi, satellite) IP connections from multiple providers to form a virtual Dejero ‘network of networks’.

We dynamically and intelligently manage the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual connections in real-time.

The result? Reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity when and where you need it.


Combine the bandwidth of multiple network providers and diverse technologies with Smart Blending Technology


Access cloud resources such as compute, storage and software..


...or connect to resources at headquarters or datacenters

The benefits of Smart Blending Technology

Whether accessing cloud services or connecting your mobile workforce and remote locations to your data center or headquarters, Dejero Smart Blending Technology provides enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth to organizations.

Network Reliability

Blending different network technologies from multiple providers delivers greater reliability with connection diversity. If a connection is lost or becomes congested, we reroute packets in real-time to keep you reliably connected.

Network Coverage

In more remote locations or while mobile, connectivity options may be limited. By aggregating provider services into a single Dejero network, you have a greater coverage area than what a single provider can deliver alone.

Network Bandwidth

By continuously measuring each connection in real-time, we dynamically distribute packets across the multiple connections, allowing organizations to leverage the combined bandwidth potential for greater overall capacity.


Here’s everything you need to know about Smart Blending Technology


Dejero Smart Blending Technology is an approach to connection aggregation that delivers both improved reliability and faster connection speeds than other aggregation techniques—ultimately enabling improved connectivity to the Internet and to cloud-based services. Learn how we do it so you can bring reliable connectivity to your organization.

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