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Rajant SlipStream


SlipStream Wired BreadCrumb

Move wireless traffic between your Rajant network and your wired network at warp speed.

As applications are added to your network, the types and volumes of data can grow dramatically. Applications such as vehicle and equipment automation, traffic control, and video surveillance require specialized high-bandwidth communications and generate large amounts of valuable data, voice, and video. How can you access and transfer vital information super-fast without sacrificing network performance and reliability? 

Rajant SlipStream is a wired BreadCrumb® that provides a high-throughput interface between your wired network and your Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network. With SlipStream’s high-speed processor, your data can traverse the wired/wireless boundary at rates of several hundred megabytes per second. Whether deploying a new wireless mesh network or expanding your existing mesh, SlipStream can greatly increase throughput and eliminate potential ingress and egress bottlenecks.

With SlipStream, your communications network can adapt and grow to meet ever-increasing requirements.

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