Public Safety

First responders must be able to quickly and reliably get the information they need to make time-critical, life-saving decisions.

From enabling mobile commanders and field personnel to send and receive video and data from the field, to enhancing situational awareness and communication, We deliver the connectivity that can make a difference.

Use Cases for Public Safety

Mobile Command & Control

Connectivity for field commanders to support time-critical decisions

Leading public safety organizations are deploying connected command and control vehicles to give field commanders real-time video and data to make time-critical decisions.

Whether it’s sending live video back to fixed command centers to help make appropriate response decisions or retrieving vital data in the field to keep teams safe and respond faster; first responders, firefighters, and police officers need to remain connected.

We provide always on mission critical connectivity to send and receive data from cameras, sensors, and edge devices to and from the cloud.

UAS Situational Awareness

Connectivity for field commanders to support time-critical decisions

Our mobile video solutions work seamlessly with unmanned aerial systems to provide real-time video from the safety of the sky.

Broadcast quality, live aerial video improves situational awareness for law enforcement and fire service commanders, helping them make decisions that save time, resources, and most importantly, lives.


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