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Mission Critical Wireless Communications

Efficiently designing and deploying the infrastructure required to enable real-time, high performance, and dependable critical communications networks can be a massive undertaking. This is where Grace3 can help.

Grace3 streamlines the selection and implementation of critical communications infrastructure for local, state, and federal government entities as well as business enterprises.

Our Solutions


Smart Blending Software

In this increasingly networked world, delivering reliable connectivity is mission-critical. We’re committed to doing our part by helping to build a safer and more inclusive society. With solutions like Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology, Grace3 offers clients the capability to simultaneously aggregate multiple IP connections, forming a “network of networks” that delivers reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity when and where you need it.


Mesh Networking Systems 

Agile and adaptable, wireless mesh networks power today’s mission-critical wireless communications. Using a combination of hardware and software, solutions like Rajant’s patented Kinetic Mesh network offer simple, instantaneous, and fail-proof mobile wireless broadband connectivity to power edge connectivity, video transmission, and other use cases.


Unmanned Aerial Systems and Robotics

VTOL unmanned aerial systems, like FLIR’s innovative SkyRanger 70, redefine what is possible. Small and nimble, UAS drones offer impressive payload capacity with an open architecture, resiliency in demanding conditions, and autonomous and intelligent systems to meet the demands of a variety of critical missions. Edge connectivity offers situational awareness through search & rescue, tactical operations, disaster response, and other vital use cases.

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