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Mercersburg Academy Summer Camps

Our digital enriched curriculum goes beyond teaching skills and allows students to reflect and assess their strengths, act on feedback, improve in increments, set their future goals and plan on how to achieve them. Moreover, our program framework breaks each skill down into tangible, measurable steps which can be used to determine the pathway to success. It shows that students can effectively apply these sets of skills to support them to grow and adapt to changing demands in society

Mercersburg Academy Summer Camps Program

Learning through action and hands on experience is a very effective tool for students. Aside from actively engaging students in the process itself, it gives context for to abstract ideas or lessons. We’ve integrated an experiential learning approach across the curriculum to enhance the student experience.

Economic, societal and technological forces are changing businesses, and, as a result, skills like resilience, problem solving, creativity and leadership are becoming increasingly valuable to employers and other stakeholders. Students will need to demonstrate these as they transition from education to the workforce, but they’ll also need a positive mindset to enable them to continually adapt and develop skills throughout their lives.


About Mercersburg Academy

Mercersburg Academy is a premier coed college-preparatory school serving high-school students from across the nation and around the world. The school prepares young people from diverse backgrounds for success in college and life in a global community. During the regular school year, 442 students residing in 26 states and citizens of 40 countries pursue a rigorous academic curriculum and excel in a multitude of extracurricular endeavors, including athletics and the arts. 74 percent of last year’s graduating seniors enrolled in colleges or universities rated highly competitive or most competitive. Nestled in the mountains of south-central Pennsylvania, Mercersburg Academy’s beautiful 300-acre campus provides the perfect setting for a wide range of opportunities for personal growth and fun. Each summer, participants take part in an array of programs, from Adventure Camp to various Enrichment, Arts, and Sports Programs.


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