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Harsh Environment Enclosure

Rajant has partnered with Ventev to bring you a NEMA 4X/IP66 version of our KM3 BreadCrumb® that protects the radio from harsh environments and tampering in outdoor deployments.

The KM3-ES-2450 is a plug-and-play solution that minimizes installation time and offers superior protection compared to other solutions on the market today.

The KM3-ES-2450 enclosure is constructed of thermoplastic polycarbonate material that is RoHS compliant and UL F1-rated for outdoor UV resistance. With high-impact strength and a stainless steel latch with padlock, it provides an impenetrable home for Rajant’s KM3 BreadCrumb which is ideal for supporting SCADA, real-time monitoring, and video surveillance applications.

The enclosure supports up to 4 antennas with multiple input, multiple output (MIMO), and the KM3 radio supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies.

  • Comes ready for deployment - with a factory-installed Rajant BreadCrumb KM3, VHDC-24V-50W-LC DC/DC converter and Type N bulkhead Jumpers (Qty 4).

  • Supports multiple transceiver configurations - for high levels of network reliability, redundancy, and diversity, and fewer problems due to interference, congestion, and equipment outages.

  • Mounts indoors or outdoors on walls or poles - with wall mounting feet and pole mount kit included.

  • Provides self-configuring BreadCrumb operation - for fast and easy deployments

Download the KM3-ES-2450 Spec Sheet

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