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Secure Network Radio LX4-SAB


The Huntsman is a National Security Agency (NSA)-certified Cryptographic High Value Product (CHVP) that integrates Rajant InstaMesh® technology and a powerful cryptographic engine to deliver secure, resilient, fully mobile wireless communications.

As a secure, anti-jamming wireless solution, the Huntsman can be used to rapidly deploy a resilient mesh network in remote and/or extreme outdoor environments, and supplies high-bandwidth, fully redundant connectivity to support Secret and Below (SAB) applications.

Huntsman© LX4-SAB wireless nodes combine to form a secure wireless network in which all nodes can be in motion at all times. Each node holds multiple connections simultaneously, and InstaMesh directs data packets over the best available path at the moment, never breaking for hand-off and enabling seamless roaming. As a result, the network delivers unsurpassed adaptability, mobility, and performance for mission-critical applications.

  • Deploy Almost Anywhere - Affix the ruggedized radio on vehicles and unmanned structures such as masts, rooftops, towers, aircraft, convoys, and drones.

  • Bring Mission-Critical Coverage Where You Need It - Rapidly establish self-optimizing ad-hoc networks even in extreme environments and weather conditions.

  • Secure Your Military & Defence Communications - Enable Secret and Below applications with radios that use multiple frequencies for anti-jamming and high reliability.

  • Military-Grade Features in a Cost-Effective Solution - Benefit from a military-caliber solution that is self-managing to minimize maintenance for low cost of ownership.

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