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"VolAero was extremely satisfied with the performance of Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology during the [SuperBowl and SuperFest] events, which simultaneously blended multiple cellular connections to deliver greater bandwidth, expanded coverage, enhanced reliability, and particularly in the contested and congested environments. The system is a best-in-class.”


Charles Zwebner
CEO, VolAero Drones

Blog-VolAero Drones Endorses Dejeros Sma

Smart Blending Technology in a 5G World

The upcoming arrival of 5G holds tremendous promise to transform telecommunications technology’s role in society. Yet despite this, it will do very little to address a multitude of connectivity issues; problems associated with unreliable mobile networks, poor connectivity in remote locations, variable latencies, and other communications environments and scenarios will continue to be a struggle for individuals seeking reliable connectivity.

These challenges are all addressed and alleviated with Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology. For Dejero, 5G is simply a new ingredient in our blending recipe, joining 4G, satellite, Wi-Fi, and broadband connections. This connection diversity is key to delivering reliable connectivity, both as we are embracing the transition of 5G coming online, and also once 5G’s availability becomes widespread.

Connectivity you can count on

Dejero’s ability to deliver reliable connectivity is made possible by our patented and patent-pending Smart Blending Technology, which intelligently manages the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual connections in real-time—choosing the optimal path to route individual IP packets to their destination.

Network Reliability

Blending different network technologies from multiple providers delivers greater reliability with connection diversity. If a connection is lost or becomes congested, we reroute packets in real-time to keep you reliably connected.

Network Coverage

In more remote locations or while mobile, connectivity options may be limited. By aggregating provider services into a single Dejero network, you have a greater coverage area than what a single provider can deliver alone.

Network Bandwidth

By continuously measuring each connection in real-time, we dynamically distribute packets across the multiple connections, allowing organizations to leverage the combined bandwidth potential for greater overall capacity.

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