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Field Connectivity in a 5G World

Aiming to provide 20 times the peak data rate, 10 times lower edge latency, and 3 times more spectral efficiency than 4G LTE, 5G holds tremendous promise to transform telecommunications technology’s role in society.

Evolution of Mobile Technology

Each new generation of mobile technology brings new services and capabilities which unlock new possibilities.


What’s New in 5G?

5G brings a number of new developments and concepts, including:


Expanded spectrum


Small cells


Massive MIMO and beamforming


Edge computing


Network slicing

A 5G First

In 2019, we helped enable a world first: a 3D holographic video stream allowed a remote performer to play live on stage. This field demonstration would not have been possible without the capacity offered by Vodafone Romania’s 5G wireless network.

Rollout Realities

While some practical matters are being addressed, widespread availability of 5G will take time. Because of the cost and effort required—plus many technical and regulatory decisions yet to be made—the transition to 5G will take many years and will be uneven.

Smart blending across multiple access technologies is needed to deliver the network and carrier diversity which reliable communications requires.

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The Role of Dejero Smart Blending Technology

For Dejero, 5G is simply a new ingredient in our blending recipe, joining 4G, satellite, Wi-Fi, and broadband connections. With patented and patent pending) Smart Blending Technology, we are embracing the transition as 5G, LTE, GEO satellites, and emerging connectivity options come online.

Smart Blending Technology lets organizations leverage the full combined potential of their individual links—even when those links have different and variable characteristics.

Want to learn more?

Field Connectivity in a 5G World whitepa

Read the full Field Connectivity in a 5G World resource here.

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Watch this on-demand webinar with Dejero CTO, Todd Schneider as he examines field connectivity in a 5G world.

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