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Social Impact

Our goal is to expose, inspire, educate, empower, and sustain action that positively changes the economic trajectory of disenfranchised communities across the globe.  

Part of our responsibility in running our business is to maximize our contributions to communities while mitigating environmental impact. Another motivator is to give something back through building public-private partnerships to provide opportunities to public middle-school students lacking access to advanced STEM and computer science education experiences. As equal parts convener, campaigner, and idea incubator, Grace3 is creating a new model for how a nonpartisan, minority-owned small business can have a global-impact.

We do this through a series of managed programs and initiatives dedicated to advancing racial equity and inclusive growth in the technology sector.

Our Work in the Community

Chariot Scholars

This free 36-week virtual After-School Intensive, entitled “Connectivity Everywhere: The World, A Cloud and You: An Introduction to Information and Communications Technology challenges students to build an IoT-enhanced network to research Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) within and around the classrooms, buildings and structures. From the sensor head to the mobile device, students will gain valuable insights by identifying, understanding and controlling common environmental pollutants indoors top help reduce the risk of indoor health concerns.

Emerging Technology & Energy Summit

A free one-day program for middle school students lacking access to advanced STEM experiences, the Emerging Technology Summit provides students both theoretical and hands-on experience with the Internet of Things, including a chance to utilize sensors, microcontrollers, circuits, and other real-world tools.

Participants tackle an important real-world problem: climate change. By using a variety of IoT devices to collect, record, and upload data points including temperature, relative humidity, and carbon dioxide, students gained invaluable STEM-based experience—and enjoyed a conversation with a NASA astronaut in orbit around the Earth!

Mercersburg Academy Summer Camps

We are inspired by the academic programs and student development goals of the Mercersburg Academy, a prestigious private Independent boarding school located in Pennsylvania. 

Participants come from all over the country and around the world to enjoy the dozens of programs that are offered every summer. More than 1,000 kids gather here between June and August to enjoy our programs. 

Each year, Grace3 provides scholarships to first-generation public-school students -both rural and urban- to attend 2 weeks of  Mercersburg Adventure Camp or 1 week of STEM Camp. The camp experience provides powerful lessons in building community, character-building, skill development and healthy living.


We are inspired by the participation of our partner, Dejero, in a consortium of technology providers supporting SpaceX’s May 2020 Crew Dragon launch—the first time that astronauts have taken to the skies from the United States since the retirement of NASA’s Space Shuttle program.

Grace3 accessed the live-feed directly from NASA and Dejero and broadcasted the launch on all of Grace3’s social media platforms for the benefit of school students.

In addition to providing a platform for invaluable scientific research, space exploration has been a unifying force in our world for decades. “Out there,” we are all one race. This demonstration of technology not only showcased Dejero and Grace3’s mission-critical communications technology capabilities, but also brought us one step closer to the awe-inspiring achievement of human explorers setting foot on other worlds.

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Creating Relationships That Last

We build strong relationships with our customers and partners

Have an idea for a new program, or want to get involved? Get in touch today!

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