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Mission-Critical Communications for a Safer, More Inclusive Society

Through a variety of partnerships and cutting-edge technologies, Grace3 delivers award-winning solutions that aggregate the power of cellular networks, including FirstNet, broadband and satellite enabling public safety agencies to deliver mission-critical connectivity that keeps first responders and communities safe and well-informed.


Mission-critical wired and wireless communications for government agencies and business enterprise

Public Safety

We know that efficiently designing and deploying the infrastructure required to enable real-time, high performance, and dependable critical communications networks can be a massive undertaking.

By building and maintaining a close-knit network of manufacturers, staying up-to-date with the latest developments in mission-critical communications technology, and prioritizing agility in service to our clients, Grace3 streamlines the selection and implementation of critical communications infrastructure for local, state, and federal government entities as well as corporations.

We focus on the mission at hand, because in our field, the stakes are too high! Whether fighting forest fires or enabling the effective assurance of public safety, the technologies we represent keep people safe. Nothing matters more, and nothing could.

Day in and day out, we keep up with the latest in critical communications technology. We assess the landscape of technologies, hardware, protocols, and partners; we work to understand and empathize with our clients’ challenges, and to forge the solutions for them so that our clients can focus on their core missions.

At Grace3, that is our core mission. We build and maintain robust, often exclusive partnerships with leading technology manufacturers so that for our clients, best-of-breed solutions are just a phone call away.

Creating Relationships That Last

We build strong relationships with our customers and partners

Recognition for excellence

We are proud of our partner Dejero for winning the prestigious Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award for ‘excellence in engineering creativity’ in recognition of making the public Internet a reliable transmission method with our Smart Blending Technology

Webinar-Connectivity & Communication Sol


Connectivity & Communication Solutions for Emergency Response Management

21 May - 21 May
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT



IWCE 2020

Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas
24 August - 28 August



IBC 2020

Amsterdam RAI, Amsterdam, Netherlands
11 September - 15 September

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