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Chariot Scholars

Our digital enriched curriculum goes beyond teaching skills and allows students to reflect and assess their strengths, act on feedback, improve in increments, set their future goals and plan on how to achieve them. Moreover, our program framework breaks each skill down into tangible, measurable steps which can be used to determine the pathway to success. It shows that students can effectively apply these sets of skills to support them to grow and adapt to changing demands in society

Chariot Scholars’ Program

Learning through action and hands on experience is a very effective tool for students. Aside from actively engaging students in the process itself, it gives context for to abstract ideas or lessons. We’ve integrated an experiential learning approach across the curriculum to enhance the student experience.

Economic, societal and technological forces are changing businesses, and, as a result, skills like resilience, problem solving, creativity and leadership are becoming increasingly valuable to employers and other stakeholders. Students will need to demonstrate these as they transition from education to the workforce, but they’ll also need a positive mindset to enable them to continually adapt and develop skills throughout their lives.

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This free 36-week virtual After-School Intensive, entitled “Connectivity Everywhere: The World, A Cloud and You: An Introduction to Information and Communications Technology challenges students to build an IoT-enhanced network to research Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) within and around the classrooms, buildings and structures. From the sensor head to the mobile device, students will gain valuable insights by identifying, understanding and controlling common environmental pollutants indoors top help reduce the risk of indoor health concerns.

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